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Vicky Foxcroft MP

Member of Parliament for Lewisham Deptford

Tax Credit cuts could hurt Lewisham Deptford

New figures show David Cameron’s cuts to tax credits could hit almost 10,000 families in Lewisham Deptford.

New figures from Labour show that 52 per cent of families with children in London could be hit by David Cameron’s tax credit cuts, with 9,900 families in Lewisham Deptford alone being at risk.

The figures, obtained from the House of Commons, also show that 44 per cent of families in Lewisham Deptford claiming tax credits are in work.

52 per cent of families with children in London receive Tax Credits. Across the UK the figure is 51 per cent, with the number rising to 56 per cent in five UK regions.

Vicky  said:

“David Cameron and George Osborne still haven’t come clean about exactly what cuts to tax credits they are proposing. But it’s clear that low paid working families in London are in the firing line.

“The Tories concealed their proposals from public view throughout the election campaign. It is time for David Cameron and George Osborne to spell them out and let people judge whether or not they are fair.”


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commented 2015-08-31 10:51:34 +0100
I would be more then happy to point out in great detail exactly where it contravenes within various Laws internally and internationally. And wish to remind all members of the UK Government that London is not Soweto in South Africa before the release of Mandela or Berlin during the times of the Nazi regimes social cleansing. No we are in the City of London, within the UK in 2015, which is a European Country signed up to the EU and United Nations. We also have laws within this country designed to protect us, and continued to develop since the Magna Carta sealed by sovereignty. Please also do care to remember the saying “An English Mans Home Is His Castle”, and as each person has a right to defend their castle, of which individuals will be forced to, I believe they also have the right to be compensated for their time, not to mention the distress, disruption caused opposing such a huge mass of legal machinery……..So where would you politicians like to begin……?

Have a nice day and Many kind Regards
Your constituent.
commented 2015-08-31 10:21:04 +0100
Well…..If this is the case many will no longer be able to live in London, To me London is my home town, the place I was raised, where I went to school, where I raised my children, where my departed dad lived since 1948, and my Mum since 1955. I feel that if we are going to be pushed out, through evictions, then this goes against our human rights. As this is a form of social cleansing, which will affect those predominately of Black and Ethnic Minority, Female headed households and the most vulnerable in our society. Not only is this a direct government interference, but it also goes against our Human Rights. Rights which should be respected due to the knowledge of this direct disruptive impact that this action will have on our families, freinds, neighbours and hence communities. If Governments want communities to leave then they will stop behaving unlawfully and also offer house holds compensation to assist in moving to alternative places in the UK to set up home.

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